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Let us talk about wish reviews and what I think about Wish Shopping app. One of the positive things about wish shopping online is that I have been using their service for almost 3 years now without any major issues. The products I have bought for my family include household, electrical gadgets, electrical parts, wish cosmetics, wish shopping shoes, many kids toys and accessories. It only happened once that I had to deal with a little complication. It was sizing of a t-shirt. There are a lot of bad wish reviews just because people do not read more about sizing before they place their order online. read more here. You have to be cautious and order larger always if you would like to wear the clothes you order.

Another funny thing I found is the reason why people leave not accurate wish reviews can also be related to the shipping time. In general many of my orders arrive in at maximum 3 weeks wait. However sometimes if you order more than 3 products, wish shopping made fun will not group them and ship them all together, but wish shopping will send them separately each by each which eventually will decrease shipping wait, however on the other hand it will increase the cost per shipping. Download Wish Shopping

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One amazing advice I can give you regarding wish reviews on their official website is to be very cautious! Many of them unfortunately might be fake reviews. My advice would be to ignore the short reviews. For instance : ‘Nice’, ‘Amazing product’, ‘Great! Arrived on time’, ‘Very fast Shipping’, etc. You might be asking yourself why? Well, a real customer would never leave a short wish review either way he likes the wish online product or does not like wish. My experience tells me that wish reviews with long sentences are usually the ones to come genuine and real on the products regarding the quality.


Some people’s wish reviews mention that most of the products are low quality. My comment to this reviews would be, you have to be realistic and expect what you pay for. You can not expect rock solid products for 1$. That is nonsense, moreover try to buy the same product at your local store and see how things go price related. On the other hand a lot of my friends are shocked when they ask me about my accessories ( necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.) and I tell them that I got them via online shopping from wish app. No one believes me because of all the negative wish reviews out there on the internet.

All in all my conclusion would be to no doubtedly recommend wish shopping app to a friend.

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